Message in a Bottle

I would like to update everyone on my health status I would like to say thank You ABBA Father for healing me from Endometriosis and Adenomyosis this past year. I am so blessed for the Lord to be mindful of me. In ministry, sickness and disease happen but that is why Jehovah Rapha is our Healer. Being sick in ministry is not a crime nor does it hinder you from being called to ministry, you can still operate in your gifting while you are fighting the battle of sickness and disease. It is just like any other spiritual battle you are going through and you still have to be obedient to the Father. You don’t leave the Father just because you are sick in fact I would figure you would run to Him because you are and even if you weren’t I would figure that you would have ran to Him already. In ministry, you do need adequate health, you are not divinely touched just because you do ministry are called to a certain area or position in the Kingdom of Heaven. I believed the Lord for my healing and that is what He did for me. My illness was a blessing not a curse, it brought me closer to the Lord in so many ways; me being ill was not so I could be down and depressed but it was the Lord call and drawing me near to Him (Is 55:8-9). The Lord was ready for me to be healed and I am so excited. Endometriosis was my blessing from the Lord, I knew the moment I got healed because I felt a little plop meaning everything was falling into place; three days later when I went to the doctor and got an update, he said everything was working at full force and in perfect position and in fact I was able to have a baby with no complications. That was the Lord because when He does something it is so perfect and it is complete for the Lord Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith (Heb. 12:1,2) ; and the Lord our God is not a god of discord but is the completer and makes us whole (1 Cor. 14:33). When I got healed from Endometriosis, I went up to the altar and I believed for healing and they laid hands on me and I laid on that altar and I stayed there and got delivered until I had permission to get up from the Lord. You don’t just go to the altar and pray and move about all willy nilly if you are truly under the anointing. Everything changed for me that day on, I was never the same; when you are with the Lord in Christ, there is no possible way you can stay the same. Even if you are already saved it does not mean you don’t need to be delivered every 3-6 months because you are dealing with people, then you can never get enough of Him, just when you thought you were close to Him; there was another elevation needed. You can never get higher than the Lord, He has no equal nor any other god or thing before or next to Him; for He is a jealous God. If you are believing the Lord for a miracle all you need to do is trust the Lord (Prov. 3:4-6), it doesn’t have to just for healing but different situations where He has made promises or situations or anything that lines up with the will of God, but do not doubt…


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